New Mum Tea & Mind Cards Gift


Gift set containing:

New Mum Mind Cards
Hot Team Mama Tea



A gorgeous little gift for mum and baby to let them know you’re thinking of them in those early days.

New Mum Mind Cards – These beautifully presented cards offer a daily prompt to new mums to look after themselves in those, often tiring and daunting, early days of caring for a newborn.
With 5 different categories – Ritual, Gratitude, Journal, Affirmation, Self Care – this set of 45 cards is a great way to remind new mums to take 10 minutes a day to focus on their own needs and self care.

Hot Tea Mama, New mum and Breastfeeding teas – Delicious teas to help support the demands of caring for a newborn.
Choose from:
Newborn Wonder – Containing Rosebuds, which ease menstrual cramps and can help with post-labour pain plus White tea, which is high in caffeine and theanine to provide a slow release, high caffeine boost.
Milks Up – This breastfeeding tea naturally support new mums whilst breastfeeding. It provides a caffeine-free blend of fennel, nettle, fenugreek seeds, lemon verbena and star anise. These galactagogues all naturally support milk supply.
Get Up & Glow – Perfect during pregnancy and long after baby is born, this delicious blend of tropical flavours offers a caffeine free energy boost to give a ┬ánatural sugar lift when life leaves you tired.

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Hot Tea Mama Tea

Newborn Wonder, Milks Up, Get Up & Glow


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